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Farewell silverlight

Microsoft had recently announced that they are shifting the strategy regarding silverlight future and that silverlight will focus on the framework that will let us create applications for Windows Phone 7.
But as I think Microsoft will stop supporting silverlight for web not because it is not a real competitor  for flash but because HTML 5 had arrived and it will do all the work that Flash or silverlight would ever give you for your web application and with better performance. So Microsoft thought twice regarding this and find that it is more feasible not to support silverlight for web turn their backs for applications that have a more interesting future.
Offcourse HTML 5 will have to walk for miles to be a real competitor for Flash since removing such a dominant share from the market was never easy and from my opinion I see it may never replace Flash, since there are plenty of users familiar with Flash in a way that they might not even give HTML 5 a try.

  1. November 11, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    i never believed in silverlight 🙂

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